Your generous gift to Felidae Conservation Fund will help us safeguard healthy felid populations and critical habitats around the world.

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Give In Honor of Someone
You can give a gift to wild cats in honor of someone you care about. Just make your donation above, then email us at or call 415-354-5655 and tell us your contact info and your giftee's name and email, and we will send them an e-card notifying them of your gift.

Donate to a Specific Project
If there is a particular project or wild cat species you desire to help, just make your donation above, then email us at or call 415-354-5655 and tell us your contact info and the project or species you wish to support, and your gift will be used specifically for that purpose.

Donate With Your Everyday Activities
You can now donate to Felidae by signing up with E-Scrip. By signing up, your everyday purchases at grocery stores, online shopping, and even going out to dinner can lead to direct donations to Felidae. Learn more and sign-up.

Donate Your Vehicle to Felidae
Do you have an unused vehicle that you’d like to donate? We are partnered with v-Dac (Vehicle Donation to Any Charity) to facilitate your tax-deductible donation. Visit the v-Dac website to donate your vehicle.

Matching Gift Program
Does your employer offer a matching gift program? Just obtain a gift matching form from your employer, fill it out and mail the form to the Felidae address to the right.

Printed Donation Form
If you do not wish to have your gift processed online, you can mail or fax your donation to the Felidae office using our printable donation form.

Donation of Stock
A gift of stock is a creative way to financially support our mission. If you would like to make a gift of stock please contact

Give Through Your Estate
Help ensure healthy ecosystems for those you love and future generations. To discuss adding Felidae to your estate planning please contact