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The "Ghost Cats" of the Santa Monica Mountains

Michael Harris has been working with biologists from the National Park Service for the last several years, documenting the mountain lion study they have been conducting since 2002, in order to tell the compelling story about the last remaining lions in the Santa Monica Mountains and their struggle to survive in this isolated and fragmented landscape.

The story of these lions, which represents a microcosm of events happening across the country (urban encroachment, habitat fragmentation), transcends the Santa Monica Mountains. As similar events play out we see an escalation in human wildlife encounters, and witness more and more wildlife wandering lost into suburban neighborhoods.

Rather than the drumbeat of doom, the goal of the film will be to entertain, educate, and bring awareness to this increasing problem. This is not just a local issue, but a world issue. This film will help people understand the vital role all wildlife play in their particular ecosystems and the challenges they face today. While promoting ways we can balance the needs of nature and people, it will stress the vital need to conserve and protect our natural world.

Photo above is P22, the mountain lion currently living in Griffith Park. Photo from the National Park Service.

The "Ghost Cats" of the Santa Monica Mountains is a fiscal sponsored project of Felidae Conservation Fund.