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Cheryl Gray

How Jaguars Survived the Ice Age

September 28, 2016

The mastodons, ground sloths, and sabercats are all gone. They all slipped into extinction around 10,000 or so years ago, along with an even wider variety of fantastic beasts and birds that fall under the category megafauna. Read full report.

Mountain lion caught on camera in Rawlins County

September 28, 2016

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism posted a photos of a mountain captured by a hunter's trail camera. "The clarity of the shots provide a crystal clear image of the animal's signature long, upturned tail and the nearby blind serves as a great size reference," read the agency's Facebook post. Read full report.

Mountain lion predation and livestock

September 26, 2016

Big cats are extending their range into the Great Plains. Mountain lions, or cougars as they are also known, have long been associated with regions other than the Plains, but mountain lions are expanding their territory into the area. Read full report.

Cougar swims to new home on Vashon Island

September 20, 2016

Residents on Vashon Island are used to wildlife sightings, but not like what they've seen recently. A cougar has taken up residence on the island after swimming from the Kitsap Peninsula during a minus tide. Read full report.

America’s Wildlife Body Count

September 17, 2016

Until recently, I had never had any dealings with Wildlife Services, a century-old agency of the United States Department of Agriculture with a reputation for strong-arm tactics and secrecy. It is beloved by many farmers and ranchers and hated in equal measure by conservationists, for the same basic reason: It routinely kills predators and an astounding assortment of other animals — 3.2 million of them last year — because ranchers and farmers regard them as pests. Read full report.

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