Cheryl Gray

China’s Threat to Wild Tigers

June 29, 2014

EARLIER this year, a police raid on a house party in Leizhou, Guangdong Province, in southern China, revealed a decadent diversion apparently popular among some of China’s elite: watching a tiger being slaughtered and butchered, then gorging on meat that’s considered an exotic delicacy. Read full report.

Last Stand for U.S. Ocelots?

June 3, 2014

Last November in Texas, a feline twice the size of a house cat was struck dead on State Highway 100, just south of Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge in the Rio Grande Valley. Read full report.

Hidden Cameras Capture Stunning Photos of Wildlife in the Santa Cruz Mountains

May 27, 2014

Georgia Stigall fell in love with the Santa Cruz Mountains early in life. The rich, orange-red glow of madrone and towering Douglas fir forests, the sun-baked chaparral, and especially the oak grasslands in the bioregion where she was raised stayed with her into adulthood, so much so that in 1996 she purchased land and made a permanent home above the fog in those mountains. Read full report.

Cougars and people coexist, much more than most realize

May 22, 2014

The cause of death for the cougar found at Squalicum Beach may remain a mystery, but it does provide us with a few clues about cougars and their behavior. Cougars use greenbelts, corridors, and riparian areas to move within their home ranges, even those immediately adjacent to residential development and yet they rarely make the news. The fact that this cougar was not spotted or reported until it was found dead shows us that peaceful coexistence is happening and it's happening just minutes from downtown Bellingham. Read full report.