Cheryl Gray

Amazing Bridges Built For Animals

February 1, 2015

Wildlife on roadways exacts a terrible cost. If the animal is large enough, it can kill the occupants of the car that hit it, and even smaller creatures can do plenty of financial damage. In addition, it is estimated that a million animals are killed on U.S. roads every day. Read full report.

Rodent control: Poison or predators?

January 16, 2015

hen a bobcat mother and her kitten curled up together on the UC Santa Cruz campus in early September, the kitten couldn’t have known its mother was dying of rat poison. But Duane Titus noticed her lethargy and mangy fur, and he suspected that anticoagulants were making her bleed internally. Read full report.

Bobcats Poisoned In Santa Cruz

January 14, 2015

At least three Santa Cruz bobcats have died in the last four months of complications related to ingestion of rodent poisons, according to local news reports. The three, all found dead in the vicinity of the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum, had high amounts of anticoagulants used in rodent poisons in their bloodstreams. Read full report.