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Cheryl Gray

How One Rescued Florida Panther is Everybody’s Florida Panther

June 22, 2016

A rescued 30-month-old Florida panther is an ambassador for her species and its disappearing natural habitat. Stunning. Beguiling. Kittenish. Endangered. All of these words describe a young orphaned, rescued, non-releasable female Florida panther (Puma concolor coryi) whose story is that of every Florida panther today. Read full report.

Jaguar Paraded at Olympic Torch Ceremony Shot Dead

June 21, 2016

In the 1900 Olympic games, live pigeon shooting was an official event. In 2014, authorities around Sochi, Russia, were criticized for rounding up stray dogs. And now, a jaguar from the Amazon was killed after it was featured in a torch ceremony for this summer's games in Brazil. Read full report.

For India’s Captive Leopards, A Life Sentence Behind Bars

June 20, 2016

As sightings of leopards in populated areas increase, Indian authorities are trapping the animals and keeping them in captivity — often in small cages without adequate food or veterinary care. The real solution, wildlife advocates say, is to educate the public on how to coexist with the big cats. Read full report.

REDLANDS: Big cat may have been big raccoon

June 20, 2016

Police received a report of a mountain lion, or possibly just a raccoon, spotted in south Redlands Sunday, officials said. Nobody actually saw the entire animal, but it was heard making noise in a tree in the 12000 block of South Lane, according to a police Facebook post Monday afternoon. Read full report.

Injured panther Treated in Naples

June 17, 2016

Florida Fish and Wildlife officers rushed a six month, 43 pound panther to the Animal Specialty Hospital of Florida after it was hit by a car on Oil Well Road in Collier County Thursday. Read full report.

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