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Cheryl Gray

Using cougars to save lives

July 22, 2016

There could be a simple answer for how to reduce deer-vehicle collisions in the eastern U.S., according to a study by TWS member Laura Prugh that was featured in The New York Times earlier this week. Allowing cougars to naturally repopulate states such as New York, Maine, Wisconsin and others could save 155 human lives over the course of 30 years. Read full report.

Protecting Taiwan’s Endangered Leopard Cats

July 18, 2016

From a ridge overlooking western Miaoli County, densely wooded hills roll off into the distant sea, the green canopy broken only occasionally by rice fields or rooftops. This is prime leopard cat territory, according to Chen Mei-ting, Taiwan’s foremost leopard cat researcher who has dedicated much of her life to the study of these shy, elusive felines. Read full report.

Return of the Ghost Cat

July 19, 2016

A hoarse, yelping bark rang out from the wooded hillside. Then again. The unearthly calls, sounding somewhere between fox and cat, continued in a steady sequence, carrying through the forest’s mossy tree trunks and damp leaf litter, growing louder as they approached. Then, abruptly, the woods fell silent. Read full report.

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