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Cheryl Gray

From Yucatan to Arizona, from Sonora to New Mexico: the return of the jaguar

November 13, 2015

Mexico is determined to restore populations of its largest native predator, the jaguar, to long term viability, writes Kent Paterson. That means creating millions of acres of ecological corridors across the country, and joining with US colleagues to secure large areas of habitat in southwestern states, where recent sightings give hope that jaguars are returning to their former range. Read full report.

It’s not just Cecil: Trophy hunting is threatening mountain lions right here in the U.S.

November 13, 2015

In July, the death of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe at the hands of trophy hunter Walter Palmer sparked international outrage, incited widespread debate about the ethics of trophy hunting, and provoked calls to the U.S. government to ban the import of trophies from other countries. But some conservationists are arguing that people in the United States should be paying more attention to the trophy hunting of our own lions — mountain lions, that is. Read full report.

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